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mtapi.mt5 Namespace

  Class Description
Public class Access Server name and adresses from servers.dat
Public class AccessEx Server name and adresses from servers.dat
Public class AccessInfo Server name from servers.dat
Public class AccessRec ServerName from servers.dat
Public class AccessRecEx Server information from servers.dat
Public class AccountAnswer  
Public class AccountRec Account details
Public class AccountRequest  
Public class AddressRec Server address from servers.dat
Public class AddressRecEx Server information from servers.dat
Public class Broker  
Public class BrokerCompanies  
Public class BrokerCompany  
Public class BrokerResult  
Public class BrokerSearchResultsAsArray  
Public class BrokerSearchResultsAsArrayCompanies  
Public class BrokerSearchResultsAsArrayCompany  
Public class BrokerSearchResultsAsArrayResult  
Public class Comission  
Public class ComissionInfo ServerName from servers.dat
Public class ConnectEventArgs Connect event argumnets.
Public class ConnectionException  
Public class ConvertBytes Convert byte array to strings.
Public class ConvertTo  
Public class DealInternal Internal details for the deal
Public class Expiration  
Public class FromBufReader Desirializer
Public class HostAndPort  
Public class Logger Log output.
Public class MT5API Main class to trade and get data
Public class Order Pending, market or history order
Public class OrderHistoryEventArgs  
Public class OrderInternal Internal information for the order(pending)
Public class OrderProgress Details of trade progress
Public class OrderUpdate Details of order update
Public class ProxyException The exception that is thrown when a proxy error occurs.
Public class ProxySocket Implements a Socket class that can connect trough a SOCKS proxy server.
Public class Quote New quote event arguments.
Public class Server Server details from servers.dat
Public class ServerException Error reply from server on login and order opening/closing/modifying.
Public class ServerInfo Server information from servers.dat
Public class ServerInfoEx Server information from servers.dat
Public class ServerRec Server details from servers.dat
Public class Session Trade or quote session details
Public class SocksProxy Provides sock5 functionality to clients (Connect only).
Public class SymBaseInfo Base symbol information
Public class SymbolInfo Symbol details
Public class Symbols All symbol information
Public class SymbolSessions Quotes and trades sessions of the symbol
Public class SymGroup Symbol group information
Public class TradeRequest Trade request
Public class TradeResult Trade result
Public class TransactionInfo Transaction information
  Structure Description
Public structure Bar OHLC
Public structure OrderProgressEventArgs Order progress event arguments.
Public structure QuoteHistoryEventArgs Quote history event args.
  Delegate Description
Public delegate LoggerOnMsgHandler New message event handler.
Public delegate LoggerOnMsgHandlerEx Extended message event handler.
Public delegate OnConnectProgress Connect progress.
Public delegate OnOrderHistory Order history
Public delegate OnOrderProgress Trade progress
Public delegate OnOrderUpdate Order update notification from server
Public delegate OnQuote New quote
Public delegate OnQuoteHistory Quote history event. Use RequestQuoteHistory to request history.
Public delegate OnSymbolsUpdate Symbols update.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AccMethod Netting or Hedging
Public enumeration CalculationMode Profit calculation mode
Public enumeration CommissionPeriod  
Public enumeration CommissionType  
Public enumeration ConnectProgress Connect progress
Public enumeration DealType Deal type
Public enumeration Direction Direction of the deal
Public enumeration ExecutionType Execution type
Public enumeration ExpirationType Expiration type
Public enumeration FillPolicy Fill policy
Public enumeration GTCMode GTC mode
Public enumeration InstantCommissionType  
Public enumeration LoggerMsgType Message type.
Public enumeration MarginMode Margin calculation mode
Public enumeration Msg Server message
Public enumeration OrderState Order state
Public enumeration OrderType Order type
Public enumeration PlacedType Placed manually or ByExpert
Public enumeration ProgressType Stage of order processing by server.
Public enumeration ProxyTypes Specifies the type of proxy servers that an instance of the ProxySocket class can use.
Public enumeration SwapType Swap type
Public enumeration TradeMode Trade mode
Public enumeration TradeType Trade type
Public enumeration UpdateType  
Public enumeration V3DaysSwap Swap day
Public enumeration vCommissionUnitMode  
Public enumeration vCommissionUnitType