easy direct connection to any MT4 and MT5 server


Client API and Manager API

Q: Is the grpc and restful version can be deployed to our own server?
A: Yes, all of our products can be deployed on client side and work 100% independent from our servers.

Q: What is the difference between a java/.net version from a grpc/restful version?
A: In case of using java/.net version you will be calling functions from local library. So API will be part of your application process. It's little faster,
but not good in part of scalability and development process. According to our experience using restful or grpc version speed up development in several times. Because in this case API and your application work in separate processes so easy to find where the problem is.

Manager API

Q: Can MT4/MT5 Manager API run on Linux?
A: Yes. We running it on Linux on our servers with using wine. Or inside Linux container in docker also fine.

Client API

Q: What means investor mode?
A: If IsInvestor = false means that you logged in with master password so can trade.
If IsInvestor = true means that you logged in with investor password and can not trade

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