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TradingAPI.MT4Server Namespace

API allows to work with MT4 Server directly without MT4 Terminal. Use QuoteClient to get account information, real time quotes, live/history trades and orders. Use OrderClient for trading functionallity.
Public classConnectEventArgs
Connect event argumnets.
Public classConnectException
No onnection with server.
Public classConvertBytes
Convert byte array to strings.
Public classLogger
Log output.
Public classOrder
Contains order data.
Public classOrderClient
Trading client.
Public classOrderClientSafe
Public classQuoteClient
Quote retrieving, account information, order updates.
Public classQuoteEventArgs
New quote event arguments.
Public classRequoteException
Requote exception.
Public classServerException
Error reply from server on login and order opening/closing/modifying.
Public classSymbolInfoEx
Security config
Public classTimeoutException
Timeout exception.
Public classTradeContextBusyException
All order connections busy or desconnected.
Public classTradeTimeoutException
Trade timeout exception.
Public structureBar
Quote history bar.
Public structureConGroup
Client group configuration.
Public structureConGroupMargin
Special securities configurations
Public structureConGroupSec
Security group configuration for client group
Public structureConSession
Security sessions configurations
Public structureConSessions
Public structureConSymbolGroup
Symbol groups
Public structureDemoAccount
Demo account user and passwords.
Public structureDisconnectEventArgs
Disconnect event arguments.
Public structureMainServer
Main server parameters.
Public structureOrderProgressEventArgs
Order progress event arguments.
Public structureOrderUpdateEventArgs
Arguments for OrderUpdate event.
Public structureQuoteHistoryEventArgs
Quote history event args.
Public structureServer
Additional server parameters.
Public structureServerInfo
Server information.
Public structureSymbolInfo
Instrument parameters.
Public structureTradeRecord
Trade record
Public delegateConnectEventHandler
Connect event handler.
Public delegateDisconnectEventHandler
Disconnect event handler.
Public delegateLoggerOnMsgHandler
New message event handler.
Public delegateOrderProgressEventHandler
Open/close progress of the order before ticket number assign.
Public delegateOrderUpdateEventHandler
Order update event handler.
Public delegateQuoteEventHandler
Quote event handler.
Public delegateQuoteHistoryEventHandler
Quote history event handler;
Public delegateSymbolsUpdateEventHandler
Symbols update event handler.
Public enumerationAccountType
Real, contest, demo
Public enumerationExecution
Execution type.
Public enumerationLoggerMsgType
Message type.
Public enumerationMarginMode
Margin types.
Public enumerationOp
Operation type for the OrderSend() function.
Public enumerationProcessEvents
Public enumerationProfitMode
Profit types.
Public enumerationProgressType
Stage of order processing by server.
Public enumerationTimeframe
Timeframe for quote history download.
Public enumerationUpdateAction
Type of update action for OrderUpdate event.